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Merchant Services

For more information visit online or contact Roger Potter at Anstaff Bank for Heartland contact information. Toll free number 1-800-445-5745.

Heartland Payment Systems


Card Processing, Payroll Solutions, Marketing Solutions

Anstaff Bank has partnered with Heartland Payment Systems to offer business solutions that help you save money, save time, increase profits, attract new customers, increase loyalty, and simplify your business operations. Heartland has the most dedicated representatives in the business to help you navigate the complexities of payments processing, payroll and more.

  • Payment Processing: Benefit from fair and transparent pricing, superior service that’s available around-the-clock, and the most reliable data security solution in the industry.
  • Payroll Solutions: A customizable, all-inclusive payroll/HR solution featuring the only 3-year price guarantee in the industry and team of dedicated payroll specialists.
  • Marketing Services: Our gift card and loyalty program helps you promote your operation, motivate customers to spend more, and keeps the communications going with special offers and incentives that increase return visits.
  • Mobile Payments: Our proprietary Mobile application allows you to turn a smartphone or mobile device into a credit card terminal that goes wherever you go, without the high costs of “special” processing. The link to the Mobile page is You will find more information there on Mobile Payments or Mobile Ordering.



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