Client Portal with Unlimited Users

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• Securely access account information and complete financial transactions conveniently

• Establish centralized portal with multiple users and multiple account relationships

• Set and restrict individual user’s account access, including internal client dual control

• Authorized users can initiate stop payments and wires without paperwork or a trip to the bank

Services Included:

Line of Credit Advances*
Billpay Service
Stop Payment Initiation
Discounted stop payment fee
Domestic & International (Foreign) Wire Initiation
Discounted domestic wire fee 

Discounted international (foreign) wire fee 

Security Token per User

Three (3) tokens per client are included free

Additional or replacement tokens available

Optional Add-On Modules

(Contact Anstaff Bank for more information on module fee schedule)

ACH File Origination Module* 

• Electronically deposit employee paychecks with an ACH payroll file

• Create direct debit files to pull funds from customer accounts

• Able to pay vendors electronically

• Compatible with 3rd party software such as Excel or QuickBooks

Positive Pay with Check Reconciliation & Fraud Blocker Module

• Proactively protect yourself against check fraud and ACH fraud

• Submit payable file to Anstaff to compare clearing items before they post to an account

• Create acceptable list of merchants or vendors to pay with optional limits on debit amounts

• View checks and ACH exception items to determine if they should be paid or returned

Easy Deposit - Merchant Capture (Plus equipment purchase or lease) 

• Deposit checks remotely without trips to the branch

• Receives same day credit for deposits with as late as an 8 pm cutoff time

• Retain images of deposited items

Loan Sweep*

• Removes the hassle of manual transfers and electronically ties a deposit account to a line of credit

• Automatically controls account balances to save you time and money

*Subject to Bank Approval

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