to put the "FUN" back in Saving Money.

  • Open to kids up to 10 years of age.
  • FREE Penny Pig Piggy Bank with account opening.
  • Just $1.00 to open account. At age 11 account graduates to a regular savings account.
  • Penny Pig Savings Account earns the same interest as a regular Savings Account.
  • For every $10.00 deposited, the child earns one Penny Pig Dollar to exchange for Penny Pig prizes from the Anstaff Bank "Penny Pig Prize Pen"
  • Transferred balances from another account will count toward deposits for rewards with a "MAXIMUM" of 30 Penny Pig dollars paid out per quarter.
  • The Penny Pig Account will receive a quarterly statement which has to be brought in to a bank teller to redeem Penny Pig dollars and prizes.
  • "Penny Pig" may attend community events and hold Penny Pig Saver's Club parties and/or events.